Investment Strategy

Artá Capital invests in midmarket companies, predominantly family-owned firms, in Iberia where its local access and track-record are differentiating factors.

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Flexible investment mandate

Artá Capital targets growth deals and buyouts in which it has a unique angle for value creation. Its flexible investment approach allows Artá Capital to pursue a wide variety of attractive investment opportunities including capital increases, shareholders’ replacement, public-to-private transactions, corporate spin-offs, etc.

Its long-term investment horizon enables Artá Capital to adapt to projects’ needs, with an average holding period of around 5 years. Exit timing takes into consideration the development stage of the business plan and overall market conditions, being ultimately driven by a clear value maximisation objective.

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Proprietary sourcing capabilities

Artá Capital has a strong focus on proprietary situations and achieves this objective by leveraging on the competitive advantages of its deal sourcing platform:

- The widespread perception of Artá Capital, among entrepreneurs and family owners, as an ideal partner for growth projects

- The market expertise and reputation of Grupo March, which brings a wide access to investment opportunities in the Spanish market

- The extensive contact network of Artá’s Investment Team, built through its longstanding presence in the Spanish midmarket

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Value creation focus

Artá Capital leverages the team’s deep understanding of the Iberian market, as well as its privileged relationships with management teams and industry insiders, to develop robust industry expertise to drive growth plans together with the management of its portfolio companies.

The existence of an experienced investment team, capable of developing and executing optimal value-creating strategies with ample experience as long-term partners allows Artá Capital to provide insight in multiple sectors and situations, adapting to companies’ specific needs (internationalization, M&A, financing, access to clients and suppliers, organization, planning, etc.).

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Active partnership

Strategic support, constant dedication and active participation via material representation in Board of Directors and monthly Steering Committees, without interfering in daily decision-making.