Leading Iberian private equity firm

Trusted partner amongst family-owned and founder-led businesses

Experienced Iberian private equity investor since 2008, with a reputation as a trusted partner amongst family-owned and founder-led businesses.

Senior team working together for more than 10 years responsible for Artá’s track-record and brand.

M€ equity invested
M€ co-investment generated

We back resilient businesses with strong competitive advantages

Investment criteria

  • Enterprise Value 50-350 M€
  • Multi-sector approach, excluding financial and real-estate sectors
  • Conservative approach to leverage
  • Flexible investment strategy, with majorities and control minorities

Company type

  • Leading companies with protected business models and proven cash-flow generation capabilities
  • SMEs with strong growth potential
  • Experienced and committed management teams

Partnership approach

  • Extensive track record investing alongside families and entrepreneurs
  • Partner with value-added co-investors
  • Controlling influence required independently of the stake held

Focus on proprietary sourcing

  • Proactive sector and companies mapping, leveraging proprietary in-house technology
  • Established relationships with a wide network of local advisors, banks, sector experts, managers and co-investors

Growth investor

  • Attractive growth prospects in international markets
  • Experienced investor in driving organic and inorganic growth

Approach to value creation

  • Hands-on approach to help companies reach their full potential
  • Operational excellence and professionalization
  • Upgrading business models, with focus on sustainability and growth

Trusted and renowned brand in the Iberian mid-market

SPAINCAP (2021): best growth capital deal

SPAINCAP (2018): best major deal

SPAINCAP (2018): best growth capital deal

SPAINCAP (2015): best internationalization deal

Our flexible investment strategy adapts to the type of company and to its stakeholders' needs

Growth, shareholder replacement, LBOs, corporate spin-offs, etc.

True partnership model

Supporting portfolio companies to reach full potential
Organic Growth
EBITDA growth
Operational Efficiency
Average EBITDA margin at exit
Senior executives hired
Job creation
Employees at exit

Repositioning companies towards sustainable and higher value-added business models

Sourcing and origination

Data driven sourcing complementing a unique network of relationships
Digital screening
Sector deep dives
Proactive local relationships
Advisory network

Early access to investment opportunities

Óptima is a proprietary data analytic tool to cross-reference market intelligence data and live databases
It is continuously evolving to enrich datalake
Tracks KPIs to identify potential opportunities and market niches with strong growth
Supports our unique approach sourcing proprietary deals

Established team with deep experience in mid-market