Committed with sustainable fishing

Satlink has become the leading provider of full-stack-end-to-end technology solutions for the sustainable management of ocean resources.

Satlink is continuously developing new products and technologies that bring the commercial fishing industry forward towards more sustainable outcomes and ways of working.

Value added


  • Creation of a professionalized Science and Sustainability team to promote and align ESG objectives across all divisions


  • Guiding all R&D projects with a focus on sustainability, biodegradable FADs, reduced plastic buoys etc.


  • Development of selective buoys and AI-based solutions to ensure fishing efficiency and the preservation of oceans

Active collaboration with industry experts, NGOs and research institutions

Internal company initiatives regarding sustainability, for example the Zero Impact Campaign 

SDG Contributions

Satlink fishing technique is up to 80% more fuel efficient
Promotion of the circular economy: more than 18 tonnes of waste incorporated as a raw material
Selective buoy to avoid bycath and juveniles and removal of waste in the marine environment
Conversion of end of life fishing nets into products such as skateboards, sunglasses, frisbees

Satlink has been awarded by the United Nations Global Compact for the best project to contribute to SDG 14 – life below water